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What We Do

Site Investigation Reports

Complete Zoning, Planning, Code Compliance and Utility Planning Research and Feasibility Analysis.

Subdivisions, Entitlement, Discretionary Actions.

Parcel Maps, Lot Consolidations, Conditional Use Permits, Rezoning and General Plan Amendments, Design Reviews, Alcohol Lincenses and related Governmental Affairs

Permit Acquisition

Full Permit Expediting Services including all related approvals and clearances

Utility Planning

managementof all utilty planning aplications and processing

Pre-Construction Project Management
Contract Administration

How We Work

Most projects follow these milestones:

  • Phase I – Due Diligence: Where and How Can You Develop your Project?

A simple question? Rarely. Ourrecomprehensive research covers all you need to know about planning and zoning regulations, prevailing codes, existing conditions and available utility services so you can make an informed decision on how to best navigate the regulatory process toaccomplish your development goals

  • Phase II – Entitlement Acquisition: Getting the ‘Green Light’

Once viable sites are identified, we work with our clients’ architect and engineers on developing proposals for city officials. We handle all government affairs, oversee the coordination of materials and represent our clients at informal and formal discussions with planning and zoning boards, and at city council hearings.

  • Phase III: Construction Permits & Service Planning: Quality Control at Crucial Stage

The clock is ticking and we’re in high gear, communicating with and monitoring city officials’ requirements on our clients’ architectural and engineering plans. Delays in openings are costly, so Milestone Management stays on top of this process.

At Milestone Management, we measure our success by our clients’—costs controlled, quality ensured, construction starts on time.

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